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Tumble Bees To Go 1.1

Tumble Bees To Go is a fun puzzle word game with three modes to play
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Tumble Bees To Go is a fun puzzle word game with three ways to play. The game has a graphically bright and cheerful interface that is easy to navigate. An options menu allows you to choose the settings you want for sound, music and effects. The game modes are Challenge, Strategy and Classic, and you can choose your level of play when each game opens. Choose Classic mode and you will be challenged to fill honey posts by spelling words using adjacent letters in a bee hive. Spelling long words will bring bonus awards of extra honey and tiles. Spell the buss word, and you will be awarded bonus tokens that you can use online. Any wild tiles appearing whilst you play the game can take the place of any letter. The challenge is to fill your opponents hive with honey before they fill yours, by spelling as many three, four, and five letter words as you can.

Playing the Strategy mode in Tumble Bees allows you to spell words to earn more points and to open flowers but you should choose your words carefully as each one costs you a bee. You should open all the flowers before you run out of bees to move to the next evel and you can spell words of six letters or more to earn bonus tiles. Play against a jealous bee in Challenge mode and out spell this invading bee to win even more bonuses, and earn offline tokens to use online for prizes.

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  • 1 hour limited trial
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